HILLTOP eco resort | HILLTOP eco resort in Samal island, Kaputian, Davao
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About us

Darrickson Cook

My name is Darrickson Cook, I’m a vegan, high fruit, I’ve been leading a healthy lifestyle for a long time. I left the USA in 2006 to begin a more minimalistic tropical life., i love durians and great weather and beaches or swimming pool resorts. Once I came up with the idea to create a business that would be environmentally friendly, bring people benefits and was in a pleasant beautiful place.

I love the Philippines and my choice has been on the island of Samal. Samal has an amazing nature and a perfect climate, which is almost not subject to seasonal fluctuations of weather at the equator. The island of Davao and the inner sea reliably protect it from ocean waves and monsoons. In addition, the Philippines has the cheapest fruits in Asia and the world. And I really like different fruits and just adore durians.

Eco-resort Hilltop is created in 2016 year. The resort is built on a hill, a bit away from the village and this is another bonus for the guests. The thickets and the height protect the cottages from the noise and smells of the road. I invite anyone who has an interest in a healthy lifestyle and/or enjoys the simplicity of a nice and clean and comfortable cottage in nature.

After vacationing in samal with some friends who were buying property, i met a filippina named Phuramie Mangana (aka. Mimi). Mimi convinced and inspired me to purchase a lot and later we made a business agreement to buy more land and to make some rental cottages for the increasing number of tourists coming to Kaputian. Mimi has been an exceptional help to create this paradise. Without Mimi as the managing partner, i would not be doing this. Thanks to Mimi for the vision and belief in the vacation rental business, and continued management! Mimi is maybe the best person in Kaputian to help with land purchases and building here in philippines.

Guest houses

Most of our cottages are built in a traditional Filipino manner from natural materials – bamboo and wood. All houses have electricity, a fan, access to the toilet, a shower and a kitchen. For those who wish we provide a wi-fi router. Hilltop resort was planned as a place for vegetarians and lovers of a healthy lifestyle. On our territory there are few home appliances and everyday life is very simple, but the rent price is not very high either.
We present to your attention our guest houses.

This house was built in December 2017. Just look what a beautiful view of the ocean opens from the window and you immediately want to live in it. In this house there is a separate toilet with shower, kitchen, veranda.

The smallest of our cottages. It is suitable for real hermits and yoga practitioners who seek solitude in a minimal space. This house was specially built upon the request of a single meditation practitioner who slept on the floor without a bed and had a minimum of things.

If you are a true ascetic, then mango house is for you.

This house is the most suitable for couples with children. It is specially equipped with a small children’s veranda.
There are two exits from the room, a children’s veranda and a slide – all this makes the house a good place for games. The house has its own kitchen and veranda with a wicket that closes so that the child does not come out.

The coolest house!, it is built in the shadow of a tree, and it sits on a concrete foundation. The Marang House and the Pineapple house are the most spacious of all of our houses. Marang and Pineapple house have a common kitchen and a common bathroom, which are built detatched. They are convenient for families and larger groups too.

Perhaps this is the largest of all our cottages. It is like an eagle’s nest standing high above the site and with its large terrace you see a beautiful view of the jungle. pineapple house and Marang House are the most spacious of our houses. Pineapple and Marang have a common kitchen and a bathroom, which are built separately. This house is suitable for family rest, or couples, or groups or single people.

The BANANA HOUSE because the front porch balcony overlooks hundreds of banana plants. come to this bungalow ready to relax and or go for adventure or whatever you desire.
Quaint neighborhood with coconut trees, green plants, and sounds of birds, and the feeling of nature immersion.
Near to the famous white sand beach in kaputian, 3minute drive or 10minute walking.
near to Sabang cliff jumping, (12 min walk)
Near to village market (10 min walk), and several fruit stands and simple restaurants.

This is named Zina house, because she was our first guest…this place is close to kaputian white sandy beach 10 minute walk!, vegetable market, fruit stand, park, pier, sabang (famous cliff jumping).
Kaputian nature cottage.
Good size room with kitchen and bathroom inside. Nice front porch for observing surroundings. Front open cottage and outdoor sink.
Fenced cottage.
Fruit trees and banana plants all around.
Near to white sandy kaputian beach, market, fruitstands, pier (10 minute walk)


In our blog, we publish information about the island of Samal, about the Philippines, about vegetarianism and a healthy lifestyle, about creativity. About everything that inspires the guests Hilltop eco-resort.
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Contact Us

HILLTOP eco resort is located at Babak-Samal-Kaputian Road, Kaputian Poblacion Purok Cacao, Island Garden City of Samal, 8119 Davao del Norte, Phillipines.

Phone: 0-909-093-9663, 0-919-430-2248  Email: samalhilltop@gmail.com
Our coordinates on the map are 6.972319,125.729065 or type in the search for “HILLTOP eco resort in Samal island”



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