HILLTOP eco resort | Monfort Bat Sanctuary
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Monfort Bat Sanctuary

Monfort Bat Sanctuary

In 40 minutes by car from Hilltop, there is a place in the Guinness Book of Records. This place is a cave of fruit bats. 2.5 million mice (2013 data) is the largest colony of such (Geoffreys Rousette Fruit Bat) mice in the world.

When approaching these caves, you can hear how all these mice squeak, and also smell the specific smell that their litter makes.
Fruit bats pollinate flowers of durian, which bloom only for one night. The smell of these flowers is similar to the smell of the bat itself.

During the day, bats are in a cave, and at night they fly out to hunt – this can be observed after sunset. The optimal time of visit is slightly earlier than 5pm, at 6pm they start to fly out of the cave. There is where to sit, wait for the dark.

On the island of Samal, there are many caves inhabited by bats, but now most of them are empty. The founder and president of the Monfort Bat Cave and Conservation Foundation is a woman named Norma Monfort. She was created a shelter for bats, protected from the encroachments of people.

Entrance to the territory – 100 pesos per person.

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