HILLTOP eco resort | In honor of Putin called the mountain. True?
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Mountin Puting Bato in Samal island

In honor of Putin called the mountain. True?

Is it true that a mountain in the Philippines was named in honor of Putin? This question often arises in some visitors to the island of Samal. Samal is a popular domestic Philippine resort. Many people from the nearby large city of Davao come here on weekends to relax. Among the various attractions of the island must necessarily be the mountain of Putin Bato. The name of the mountain is an occasion for various jokes of local Russian-speaking settlers and tourists.

The mountain is relatively small, about 500m, and is considered the highest point of island. Mount Putin Bato is easily accessible for pedestrian climbing. All wishing to climb on it it is necessary to overcome far from the most even and well-arranged road. Concrete in the beginning of the road turns into gravel and dirt slopes and elevations, in places quite steep for small mopeds. They are here the most massive mode of transport. For 50-100 pesos you will be pleased to bring local residents to the foothills. Then there will be a 30-minute hike.

Puting Bato

There is still a small entrance fee at the top. The spectacular views that open here will more than pay off all the costs and efforts. And, now, actually about the name of the mountain of Putin Bato (Puting Bato), it is translated from the dialect of bissai, as “White Stone”. Like the whole island, the mountain consists of white limestone, which sometimes protrudes to the surface.

That’s the whole secret.

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